A Wanderful Beginning

I have been blogging for roughly a decade and I can’t explain why I love it.  I can’t keep up with a journal or movie ticket stubs or even get around to getting photos printed.  Our walls are practically bare.  I’ve never taken a journalism class and I cringe at the thought of ever taking another English class.  I rarely cry.  I can’t pay attention.  My fingernails weren’t painted on my wedding day.  Expressing myself isn’t something I’m good at – but I’m pretty good at being honest.  Writing in “informal or conversational style” is something I enjoy.  Maybe it’s a bit selfish because it’s like saying I enjoy one-sided conversation.  Maybe I blog because my career fosters talking all day to people who can’t really talk back much.  Regardless, I digress…

There are probably a hundred things that led me here.  I started a blog ages ago when my life seemed to be shifting.  I started a new one when it shifted again and a new one when it shifted again.  Each one true to the time period of my life when I was writing them.  But just recently, I was encouraged to write on just one topic.


It makes all the sense in all the world.

I was lucky enough as a child to have parents who took us on vacations every year.  We mostly visited the same hotel on the same beach and did the same activities every year… but we were together, and those memories shaped me.  But as I got older and began vacationing to places like New York, San Francisco and New Orleans with my sister, I couldn’t wait to see MORE of the things I’d only read about or seen in movies.

And then I found my solemate.

Since Chris and I started dating about 3 years ago, we have visited Chicago (twice), South Carolina, Washington D.C., Nashville, Vancouver, Alaska, Seattle, Belgium, Amsterdam, Paris and Ireland.  Florida is next, hopefully followed by a drive down the west coast, hopefully followed by something tropical, followed by the Grand Canyon, followed by Italy with St. Louis in the mix somewhere.  I just remember returning from our honeymoon in the Northwestern U.S. thinking “This is my whole heart.”  Him and no distractions and a beautiful world to enjoy.  I became addicted to travel and luckily I married an adventurist.  I go to work every day for those moments…

So thus begins this compilation of our travels.  Something to beat the daily scribbles I have collected from our journeys.  I have had a great deal of support and encouragement to continue blogging.  Perhaps this will be my encouragement to continue traveling.  

From our achy feet, frigid rain and sickness to the most beautiful places I’ve ever laid eyes on, the kindest people I’ve ever met and learning about ourselves – this is my (our) travel blog.

-Chris & Kristie Duke


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